CoLAB Project: 2017

To finalise the end of a successful academic year, we will be working in groups of 5 for two weeks to prepare for an exhibition on May 9th. The groups are a mixture of first and second year students, collaborating together is important as this is what would be expected of us professionally and as designers often all projects are done as a group.

The focus is on Fitzalan Square, Sheffield, which is where our interior design studio is situated. Currently, the council is putting forward plans to completely change the square in order to deal with the anti-social behaviour problems which have been occurring in the square for many years.

Map showing location of Fitzalan Square, Sheffield
Some of the existing shops located on Fitzalan Square. The large number of betting shops may be a part of the reason for anti-social behaviour
Panoramic View of the Square

Through researching the square and finding out what other people think of the square and how they would like to see it improved, our group will come up with a proposal for the development of Fitzalan Square. The new proposal will be showcased at the end of year interior design exhibition through a large graphical poster.

research 2research 1research

The images above show a survey our group decided to do of the people who work in the companies around Fitzalan Square. We asked companies such as Bingo, William Hill and Cooplands what they think the current issues are with the area.

Through this primary research it was clear to see what had to change with the Square. Within our Proposal for Fitzalan Square there will be:

  • New shops replacing the current shops, bringing in a wider variety of people and making the area safer for students and the public
  • The shops will include: Pret-A-Manger; Tesco; Costa Coffee; Nourish; Revolution; Wasabi; Deli; Jessops; W.H.Smith.
  • A large area of greenery will be implemented in the square creating a tranquil, fun area where people can eat and relax
  • Seating and sheltered areas
  • Removing one of the roads through the square to create a larger seating area
  • An interactive screen where people can; watch the recent news; locate other destinations; find out about local events.

To demonstrate our proposed ideas we were asked to create a quick poster exploring the history, current condition of the site, and inspiring images.



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