Landmarks: The Sensory Garden

What is a sensory garden?

Sensory Gardens, also known as healing gardens, are user friendly and encourage the users to touch, taste, admire and listen. Creating a sensory garden is an exciting and worthwhile project that provides limitless opportunities to teach and exercise horticultural healing therapy techniques.

The sensory garden being re-designed for Landmarks must be designed specifically for the user. Details such as materials, plant types, and layout are extremely important here as the students could be easily affected by just the smallest design error. It is important that the garden is easy for the user to move through and also that it is a safe area for the individuals to be in.


The Sensory Garden Currently

A Sensory garden should satisfy all senses, as well as having a variety of different coloured plants and textures. As you can see the ‘sensory’ garden is really just a basic area of land, with a bench, trees and football nets, something which you would see in a normal college/school. However the individuals in which we are designing the space for have much more complicated and specific needs therefor good, well thought out design is vital here.


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