My Current Retail Project: The Birds and The Bees

After much sketchbook planning, exploration, inspiration and ideation, I have decided to now name my retail ‘The Birds and The Bees’ with inspiration from the hard working bumble bee. The name was inspired by the saying ‘the birds and the bees’ which relates to the talk which parents give to their children about their body parts and growing up. I felt this was a relevant name to give to my retail as it will be a space where customers (mainly mothers) will come and meet and discuss their feelings with each other and take part in different activities. Not only this, but the products sold within my retail will all be honey based as this is a natural, readily available product which is very popular when used within skincare products and foods.


Initially my store was going to retail baby and women’s clothes as explained within my blog post ‘Bambino Piccolo’ but after much inspiration and research into a retail which is truly different, I decided my USP would be selling honey based and inspired products.

The sector which my retail fits into is Health foods, and skincare products. Similar retailers in this sector include Holland and Barrett and Burt’s Bees. It was interesting to find out that Burt’s Bees have a mother and baby skincare range which influenced my project proposal even more.

Screen Shot 2016-11-20 at 21.44.52.png

The Meeting Area

The meeting area idea came around after speaking about my project idea with a tutor. I had decided on what products I would sell, and how I would implement the ‘honey’ theme within my design, however he was interested to see what else could make my retail different. It is important to give customers a reason to come back and treat the store as a ‘Third Space,’ this is hard to achieve without understanding experiential retail. After studying experiential retail for 1 month, it was clear to see what I could do to get my customers to revisit my store.

Creating the meeting area for my target market of new mothers felt like a necessary and clever implementation for my project. New mothers usually suffer with feelings of anxiety, depression, and loneliness once having their new baby and adapting to their new lives. Through research and Facebook surveys it was interesting to find out how little support there is for mothers with these feelings, therefor I deemed it only right to bring this new meeting space to Sheffield. (Post natal depression in women is something I will discuss deeper in a following blog post).

Example of a mothers meeting group

Now the hardest part of the design process has been overcome, the product and the purpose, it is now time to get into some technical drawing and floor plan designs to make this idea a reality.

Navigate to my following blog post which explores how I wish to incorporate the ‘Honey’ theme within my design.


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