Inspiration: Philippe Stark


Philippe Stark is a French interior designer, exploring and designing  objects from chairs to electrical appliances. His name was first known for designing the interior for former french president Francois Mitterrand’s apartment.

Some pieces of design he is most renowned for creating are the Bubble Club Sofa and Armchair, La Boheme Stool, Louis Ghost Chair, and the Ero|S| Chair.

The Bubble Club Sofa and Armchair

Stark’s Bubble Sofa and Armchair. Image available on:

Price: £353-£537

The Bubble Sofa and Armchair is a contemporary designed chair most commonly used for furnishing restaurants and public places. Popular features of the chair include being waterproof, weatherproof, and is relatively lightweight due to being made from UV resistant polypropylene. When designing the Bubble Sofa and Armchair Stark has mixed a contemporary style with a Chesterfield style, which has been incredibly successful.

La Boheme Stool

La Boheme Stool. Image available on:

Price: $250

La Boheme Stool was designed in Italy in 2001 by Philippe Stark. The stool is a designed in a classic greek vase style and comes in two different types, La Boheme Stool 2 and La Boheme Stool 3, one style has an elongated amphora with a wide base while the other holds a stout ‘Stamnos’ shape. Both designs can be purchased in varied colours including crystal, bottle green, purple and red. The stools are transparent yet beautifully aesthetic and simple, they can be used for all interiors or exteriors and add a personal, creative touch of decoration for any space.

Sparks is notable for many sensational interior design works across the globe including The Peninsula Hong Kong, Hong Kong, Cafe Costes, Paris, Paradis-du-fruit, and many more remarkably designed restaurants and clubs.




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