Construction Series 3: Door construction

The third construction lecture aimed at making us consider door construction and factors to consider when installing doors.

Characteristics to consider when designing doors include:

 Fire Resistance

Fire proof doors.png
Fire rated steel doors. Image available on:


Soundproof a door-Sept13.jpg
How to soundproof a basic door. Image available on:>id=100051

More include: Security; hygiene; weather; protection; thermal insulation; maintenance; access; impact resistance and durability. Doors are a very important factors during construction used to provide security and to define rooms.

Here, glass sliding room dividers have been used to divide two rooms in a house. Image available on:

Door materials

The most majorly used or materials are timber, UPVC, steel, glass, laminate, and recycled.

Door types

Hinged Doors

Image available on:

Sliding Doors

Image from:


Folding Doors

Image from:

Revolving doors

Image from:

Automatic Doors

Image from:

Roller Shutters

Image from:

Up and Over Doors

Image on:


French Door Curtains. Image from:

Integrated with walls

  • metals – profiled steel
  • glass- structural glazing
  • glass – framed systems
  • man made – laminate panels

Common door accessories to also consider when installing doors are handles, locks, hinges, stops, closers, protection and signage. Different doors also require different fittings depending on the needs of the user and the purpose of the door, the door could be hinged, sliding or a double swing.

Common Door Patterns

Interior Doors1
More details on:
Glass window patterns integrated with doors. More details on:


Other door patterns. More details on:


  • door schedules

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