Construction Series 1: Wall Construction Techniques

Seminar 1 of Wall construction

HLM Interiors / Mick Scherdel / Associate director

Why do we build walls?

To divide countries and define boundaries

Image available on:

As defence mechanisms

Image available on:

To protect and Create Cities

Image available on:

To create building structures

Image available on:

To clad buildings

Image available on:

To create and divide spaces

Image available on:

To define Building Journeys

Image available on:


To define building journeys

1st Floor Plan
Image available on:


Types of Wall

Image available on:
Image available on:

The lines we draw within floor plans are all defining walls…

Sovereign House floor plan. Image available on:


What to consider when designing walls….

  • structural stability
  • wall loadings
  • retaining walls
  • structural walls in traditional construction
  • structural walls in timber frames
  • structural walls in steel frames
  • Weather resistance and thermal, insulation
  • solar shading methods
  • fire protection
  • security
  • flexibility
  • impact resistance and durability
  • noise transfer
  • acoustic treatment
  • hygiene
  • defining zones
  • privacy and screening
  • maintenance

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