Colab Project: The Making of the Words

Creating the words which would dangle inside of the tubes was a very long process. Firstly the words were to be designed and laid out on illustrator, then further opening the file up on the laser cutter. This was the easiest and most efficient way for the words to be created as the laser cutter ensures precision and tidiness, this is important for such a professional display.

The inspirational words we decided to cut out were; work experience; First job; cv’s; Life skills; Independent; Success; and Self-employment.

Creation of the words using illustrator.


In the final tube we decided to choose a number of successful small business’s in sheffield to represent, we also cut the names of these businesses on acrylic and hung them inside of the final tube. The user experiencing the installation should be inspired by the experience felt whilst walking through the pathway ands then finally seeing the names of familiar entrepreneurs and companies.

After drilling holes in all of the letters, we attached each letter together using thin silver wire, we chose wire as it is fit for purpose as it is strong and cannot be seen.

Final results after hanging the inspirational words inside of the acrylic tubes. The tubes are now ready to be hung from the ceiling.

Where will we position our installation?

A very important factor we had to consider was where we could actually extend our installation from in regards to health and safety regulations and the shape of the metal beams on the ceiling.


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