Colaboration Project: Ways of Knowing Through Making

Our final project for what has been a very busy first year for all interior design student focuses on working closely with experts from different fields and creating a final installation in the head post office in small groups.

The groups consist of five student from different year groups, this is our chance to show we can adapt to roles and really listen to the thoughts of others in order to widen our creative thoughts. Working in a group has its disadvantages, such as a clash of personalities and a battle for a leading role, however on the up side group work allows us to think outside of the box and truly see what role we are naturally best at; the aim at the end to come out as a stronger designer.

We welcomed our experts by holding a networking event in the head post office (HPO) or also known as the design studio, where we had wine and snacks to relax and welcome our guests.

Our expert happened to be a lady whom was a member of the Sheffield city council, promoting a scheme called Lifelong Learning Skills. She spoke about entrepreneurship within Sheffield and wanted us to create an installation which would reflect this.

About Lifelong Learning Skills, Sheffiled

Lifelong Learning Skills and Communities is a service within Sheffield City Council whom work there ensure the availability of high impact learning, skills and employment solutions that will prepare children, young people and adults, particularly the most vulnerable, for life and work in the 21st century.

The key word: Enterprise

Sheffield has a very strong enterprise offer which can be seen in the nationally recognised enterprise education pathway, substantial economic recognition of small/medium organisations and a well formed social enterprise network with aspirations to make Sheffield a ‘Social Enterprise City’. It can also reflect the meaning of the individual entrepreneur, their innovation and passion to drive forward an idea.

In following posts I will document the creative process and how we have decided to interpret the brief.


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