Colaboration Project: Initial Ideation



Our instant idea was to create a visual representation of Sheffields educational pipeline. This is the journey which a person would take through primary school, secondary school, college, university and eventually come out at the end as a successful entrepreneur due to all the skills gained from each stage of education.


Initial sketches

Collecting data on education within sheffield. To represent the ‘pipeline’ the idea of using acrylic tubes was decided.


We will represent the journey by buying a roll of fake grass which will form the pathway for the person, hugging the grass will be 5 1m tall acrylic tubes representing the five educational stages, starting at primary school up to entrepreneur.

The interactive game

Within each acrylic tube people will be asked to put into them the facts which they think match each educational stage. Individuals will be given a number of facts on paper e.g. ‘This is where we learn simple skills such as the alphabet and literacy’ and would place this into the primary school tube. This game is a way to get people thinking about what we should actually be capable of once we leave each individual stage of education, hopefully opening the eyes up to the younger people playing the game what they should be pushing and striving for.

within each tube will be a bright light placed at the bottom to illuminate the acrylic tubes and make the installation very aesthetically pleasing and eye-catching for the visitors.

The ceiling installation

The interactive game isn’t the only way we want to portray the educational pipeline within Sheffield. Eight acrylic tubes will hang from the ceiling at different levels once the user reaches the end of the educational journey. The tubes will be at shoulder height, hanging in a V-like form due to the positioning of the ceiling structure. Inside of each tube will sit two inspirational words for the user to think about, the words are to but cut out using the laser cutter and further attached and dangled within the tube using thin wire. The words will consist of things like alphabet, first job, self expression, number etc. These tubes will also be illuminated using white fairly lights, this will create a visually exciting installation rather than being bland and unlit.

Rough sketch of how we wish to hand the acrylic tubes from the ceiling. Within each tube we will also dangle fairy lights which will illuminate the tubes.

Inspiration for the hanging words within the acrylic tubes.

Image available on:

We will consult with ‘Daz’ the workshop technician to see how long the wire will have to be which we hang each tube with, through observation I would guess we need at least 30 metres worth of wire. The tubes will then be safely positioned and attached into the ceiling scaffolding to create a safe fixture.

In order to attach the acrylic tubes to the ceiling and create a mesh top for the words to hang from, we went into the workshop and drilled 4 holes around the top of each tube to which we could then weave the wire through to create a ‘+’ shape.

Some of the acrylic tubes had to be cut down to size before we could use them.
The hole drilling process in the workshop.
The 8 tubes which will hang from the ceiling finished with 4 holes to create mesh top in which words will hang from.

To also attach all of the letters for each word together we have to drill 2-4 holes in each letter in which we later attached together, taking approximately 1 1/2 hours.


I look forward to documenting the installation process and finishing results.


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