Lecture Series: Zaha Hadid & Constructivism

Image found on: http://www.dezeen.com


Within this lecture Chris Halliwell focused on Russian Constructivism and the impact this had on the phenomenal architect Zaha Hadid, whom sadly recently passed on March 31st 2016.

Russian constructivism originated in 1919 and was hugely influential on the Bauhaus art school and De Stijl and had a massive impact on architecture, industrial design, film and fashion.

Russian Constructivism (originated in 1919)

  • art in service to the revolution
  • red = revolution
  • black = anarchy
  • white = white russians
  • Suprematism – rhythm and harmony
  • major impact on architecture, industrial design, film and fashion
  • influential on Bauhaus and De Stijl

(the Bauhaus of Russia)

  • Tatlins tower: 1919 – 21 – 400m high, intended for st petersburg but never erected due to steel rations on Russia
  • El Lissitsky – painter, sculptor, typographer, illustrator, all purpose designer
  • ‘Beat the whites with the red flag’
  • ‘black square white cube’
  • Malevich – Alpha 1920

Hadid’s first Building

– Rosethal Centre for contemporary art

  • Suprematist composition
  • Idea of movement in space
  • Brings space in and out – allows for perspective


  • Tectonic by Malevich


  • Eli and Edythe Broad Art Museum
  • Constant parallelograms ‘echo’ the outside structure
  • steel plates filter lighting into gallery at different directions
  • Innovation Tower, Kowloon, First of Hadid’s buildings in Hong Kong


  • Heydar Aliyev Cultural Centre, Baku
  • The building looks distorted from above
  • Melting form
  • Rooftop garden
  • Interior reflects exterior
  • The serpentine sackler gallery, Hyde park, London
  • The Lilium Tower, Warsaw
  • The riverside museum, Glasgow
  • Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games
  • National Stadium, Japan

Twisted, Rippled, and organic effects, fluid, infinite, water, flow


  • Equivalent VIII – Carl Andre (1966)
  • ‘Black Square’ Ad Reinhard
  • ‘Untitled’ – Donald Judd
  • Minimalist architects can be found on blackboard
  • Nigel Coates ‘fiorella’
  • John Pawson
  • Richard Meier

Rem Koolhaas

  • born 1944 (architect)
  • Seattle Library
  • CCTV  building, Beijing, China

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