Lunch? Evelyn’s Cafe & Bar: Hybrid Space Inspiration 

I visited Evelyn’s for lunch with my parents one sunny afternoon, it sits just on Tib Street in Manchester city centre and is a perfect place to eat, drink, and work as they have work tables accompanied by plug sockets for charging your laptop.

It struck me as a great place to come when you want to wind down after a hard day at work, or even somewhere to come on your work breaks or days off to catch up in a relaxing environment.


[Image from:]

The space was a former grocery superstore and restaurant, but was then bought and refurbished by the owners of Mughli. Sax Arshad is the owner of the Zanna group of restaurants which includes The Railway Cafe and gin bar, Knutsford, Mughli, Damson & Co. and Queenswood, London.

Arshad encompasses a keenness for pine wood tables and chairs within his interiors as this creates a ‘neighbourhood feeling’, something which was very strongly delivered within Evelyn’s Cafe and bar.

Arshad’s desire for a neighbourhood feel was highly inspired by his current city, New York,  eating out and drinking in many different cafe and bars gave him knowledge as to what customers truly want from a cafe and bar.

The Interior




[Images by: Tyler Daniel, myself]

I was very much inspired by the interior of Evelyn’s as Arshad also seems to demonstrate an appreciation towards woods and greenery. This is something which i always appreciate within an interior, it is refreshing and different. Using lots of plants and woods brings the outside in and makes us feel not so distant from the outside world, it makes the place feel welcoming and invigorating.

Hanging plants is something which i will be employing within my current shipping container project as it will help with making the co-working space a space in which people will be truly inspired. The interior design work within Evelyn’s has gave an idea as to how i could potentially display greenery within my space, and also how i could make the most of my space by displaying the plant pots onto of wooden fixtures which also have lighting coming from the centre [seen above].


[Image by: Tyler Daniel, myself]

The small details also make a massive contribution to my appreciation of Evelyn’s Cafe and bar, such as the quirky little tea pot serving lemon grass tea, and the little floral table decorations which compliment the greenery around the room.

A better look around the place

[Image by: Mark Garner of Manchester Confidential]
[Image accessable on:

[Image accessible on:
[Image accessible on:

Again a great use of very different materials, but used together create a very chilled out relaxing environment. Above we can see the use of Pine woods (tables and chairs), Leather (Seats), mirror, exposed brick wall and hanging baskets.


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