Using Bamboo within my project.

I plan to use Bamboo as the main material within my project due to all of its benefits within construction as mentioned within my previous Bamboo post. Bamboo is a beautiful plant and construction material, it is cheap, plentiful, and versatile, thus meaning it can be used for many parts of an interior i.e. ceiling, flooring, furniture etc.

I ordered a variety of bamboo flooring samples to explore which colours and types may fit best within my shipping container project. Bamboo very much compliments the nature around it, making it the perfect material to use if you are wanting to bring the outdoors through into the interior. The juxtaposition of bamboo and greenery/plants  will deliver an exceptional atmosphere within my interior, this use of materials and furnishings will also give positive feeling of growth and mental stimulation.

Company: Simply Bamboo


Material: Bamboo

Uses: Furnishing, walls, ceilings, decking etc.


Bamboo Sample Details:

This sample has a simple solid strand white matte finish. This particular sample is made from strands of bamboo as opposed to sticks of bamboo giving it that woven appearance. It is incredibly strong and can be used within any household room.


Bamboo Sample Details:

This dark coffee colour bamboo is also made from bamboo strands to mimic natural oak wood. It has a matte finish and is my favourite to be used within my shipping container project out of all of the samples. Using this dark coffee bamboo would give a much warmer feeling as opposed to a lighter coloured bamboo, however using the right artificial lighting along with natural lighting would ensure the wood doesn’t darken the room.


Bamboo Sample Details:

This is the medium coffee coloured bamboo sample, a shade lighter than the previous dark coffee bamboo. I chose to order this sample to see how much it differed from the dark coffee, this too would add to the naturalistic feel of the interior.


Bamboo Sample Details:

Very similar to the medium coffee sample, this is the coffee super light bamboo flooring sample. This is also one of my favoured colour of flooring and ceiling finishes for my interior. This super light bamboo would make the space appear much bigger as it is lighter, where as the dark bamboo could have the tendency to make the interior feel smaller and this wouldn’t be the best setting for a co-working space. People like to work in open bright spaces, however they also like to feel comfortable and secure, so both the dark coffee and super light bamboo would have their benefits.


Placing all 4 of the samples together shows their differences much better, it would be possible to use a variety of different shades of bamboo within my interior. The material can also be used creatively, by displaying bamboo in its natural plant tube form this will remind people occupying the space that their surroundings are natural and still mutely respected.

From exploring bamboo for a while, the idea of creating an interior mainly from bamboo and displaying its many uses in one space appeals to me greatly; this inspiration will be the basis of my current project.


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