London: The Chelsea Harbour Design Quarter

Image by Daniel, Tyler. Taken on 8 March 2016. Chelsea harbour design quarter interior. [personal image]

I personally visited the Chelsea Harbour Design Quarter following the visit to Roca showrooms as i was intruiged into seeing one of the largest design destinations in Europe. Home to over 166 showrooms and 600 interior design brands, the CHDQ was an amazing place to visit to see how designers showcase their work and to see where we could possibly be heading as aspiring designers.

This is the beautiful central aesthetic decoration which greets us as we walk into the first dome inside of the design quarter. When visiting the design showrooms designers and visual merchandisers were getting ready for an interior design exhibition, and they more more than happy for us to look around.

A look inside


All of the showrooms within the design quarter are decorated and furnished beautifully products from the interior design firm, to showcase their work for the public to see. The rooms are made up of small displays from tables and lamps to hanging ceiling lights and couches; high quality visual merchandising skills were key to the success of the showrooms. The photos above gave much inspiration as to the different lighting which can be used within an interior, and also how the effect of dimmed lighting can be easier on the eye. White and creme tones here give a very mellow, relaxed atmosphere.

Again visiting the varying different types of lighting which can be used within an interior. The top two images show how effective it can be to reveal the stem and internal wires, offering a rustic and vintage design scheme. The designers showcasing the lower suspended lamp shades have chosen a theme of shiny coppers, golds and silvers which would match many colour schemes.

Every room is exquisitely dressed to mimic the spaces in which people may wish to have their home/office spaces etc. Every taste is taken into consideration in the showrooms, placing objects and furniture in certain fashions leads our minds into picturing a specific interior design layout in which we may use in our own personal way.

Within the showrooms which also sit as the design firms own offices, there are show living rooms overly dressed in pillows, lamps and oversized chandeliers, and bedrooms dressed in the finest silk Gucci bed covers with bedside tables.

The showrooms were incredibly exhilarating as the variety of different colours, textures and fittings gave inspiration as to the lengths in which we can reach within our own interior spaces. The visit also gave me a concept as to how i will occupy my shipping container Co-working space to fit every functional area inside.

Functionality of space is especially important within the interior, firstly as a designer we would question whether our space is to be open plan or divided, this would of course be determined by taking a user centred design approach and seeing what the users truly want.


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