London: ROCA showrooms by Zaha Hadid architects.

One of the very first sites and a place i have anticipated visiting since i started the interior design course was the ROCA showrooms, located in the Chelsea design quarter, London. This was just one of the many interior spaces in which we visited to gain inspiration for the ID people module and get a glimpse into how we could occupy our small containers. Not only this, but the visit was also for our own experiences and was just an enjoyable and mentally stimulating space to visit.

It is important as a designer to embrace as much you can and experience as many different things as possible in order to pursue an eclectic style within your works and have the knowledge on different styles and materials.

A little about ROCA showrooms

The ROCA showrooms were designed and installed by Zaha Hadid architects, a firm of architects based in London with design practices in 44 countries[1]. The firm was founded by Zaha Hadid (Dame Zaha Mohammad Hadid) an Iraqi-British architect, the first woman to win the Pritzker Architect Prize. Her buildings and works and said to be characterised by the:

“Powerful curving forms of her elongated structures.” [2]

The Visit: ROCA showrooms

ROCA London Gallery Exterior


All images of the ROCA showrooms are personal images taken on the day of the visit. As seen, Hadid architects have incorporated a sinuous styled interior seen also within the tables, chairs and windows. The architects have stuck to white and grey tones for the colour scheme for a mellow feel and to also reflect the initial inspiration for the project, water. Every twist and turn of the gallery has been inspired by the movement and flow of water, for this reason it was important for the designers to get a seamless finish within the walls, doors etc.


The movement of water can also be seen integrated into the flooring in the showrooms above.



Not only is the space a showroom, but it also holds meeting rooms, a cafe bar, library, library making it a multi use co-working space; the clothing company Armani Exchange also have an office in the showrooms.

The gallery occupies one floor only covering an area of 1,100m2[3], consisting of five bathroom areas all interlocked and connected by the flow of the curved walls and ceiling.

The materials used within the interior of the showroom is predominantly concrete, moulded into curved shapes to form the walls and ceiling and rendered in white and grey for a minimalistic feel.

[1] Dezeen Magazine, 13th October 2011. Available on: Accessed on: 24th March 2016. [online resource]

[2] Vogel, Carol. “Zaha Hadid”. Times Topics (The New York Times) Available on: Accessed on: 26th March 2016. [online resource]

[3] Roca showroom by Zaha Hadid Architects. Available on: Accessed on: 26th March 2016. [online resource]


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