London: The Wahaca Mexican

As a preface into the ID People module, myself and the interior design course took a three day trip to London to stay in the Royal National hotel, St. Pancreas.

This trip was solely to gather our own inspiration for our shipping container co-working spaces which we are to be designing over the next six weeks. We were given a brief as to where would be ideal to visit in order to gain inspiration, places such as Box Park, Container ville, and The cube; all co-working, retail and food spaces which aimed to influence how we would occupy and layout our shipping containers.

The first place we visited as a small group was a Mexican restaurant in Southbank, along the Thames river, it is made up of shipping containers thus making it a perfect place for us to analyse and also have a bit of fun.

The Exterior


(Personal Images)

About Wahaca

Wahaca is a Mexican restaurant located in Londons Southbank, the restaurant prides itself on being sustainable and environmental friendly due to its re-use of shipping containers. There are over 17 million shipping containers worldwide which aren’t being put to use as it is extremely expensive to ship the containers back to their mother country once the cargo has been delivered. For this reason empty shipping containers sit useless around the world.[1]

Southbank’s Wahaca was designed and built by the architect and interior design firm Softroom based in central London.[2] The restaurant is a temporary build made up of eight coloured containers to make a two-story eatery with a glass atrium. The restaurant will only sit temporarily along the Thames for 18 months, from which it will then be relocated. The restaurant is an amazing example of how shipping containers could be easily re-used at a very low cost price.


[1] Accessed on 18th March 2016 [online resource]

[2] Accessed on 18th March 2016 [online resource]


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