Bamboo and Shipping Containers: WFH House


worldflexhome 2012, WFH House, China, 2012

Location: Wuxi, China

Completion: 2012

Client: worldFLEXhome

Type of Use: Living

Gross Floor Area: 180 m2

Bamboo Used: Oiled bamboo LamelPlank

Photos: Jens Markus Lindha

As this stunning build is made from shipping containers it is easily transportable by land and sea so the user can move the house if they felt necessary. The house has been designed and adapted to tackle the local challenges in Wuxi, China, such as climate and earthquakes. The designers of the house chose to go for Bamboo as the main material due to its beneficial properties of fast growth and availability eradicating the problem of rationing materials.


Construction of the WFH House using three containers and bamboo., February 21, 2015


                                         Lindhe,, 2015.


Bamboo Architecture and Design by Chris Van Uffelen

WFH House,, 2012

Best Design Ideas, February 21, 2015

Lindhe, Archdaily, 2015


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