Materials: Fabrics

Company: Designers Guild

Material: Fabric and wallpaper


The Zaragoza – Olive fabric

This type is fabric is a heavy weathered velvet providing bold colours and a great balanced finish for upholstery. I find this particular colour very alluring and luxurious, perfect for fabricating upholstery in classy public spaces I.E. salons, restaurant chairs and couches etc. Or any other space desired. The colour and material is timeless. Composed of 53%Acrylic 42%Polyester, 5%Viscose.

Company: Willow and Hall

Material: Leathers, Linen Cotton, Textured Chenille

The Willow and Hall website allows customers to order a pack of free fabric swatches in order to see which would suit their interior best. I have ordered a variety of relevant coloured fabric which I think would best suit my projected interior plans for 32 Cambridge street, and also colours which simply suit my own interior preferences. It is important for the colours of the fabrics within an interior to compliment the colour scheme and overall design concept of the interior, for this reason I was very specific when choosing and have photographed my swatches in the colour schemes which I think go together best.

(Across) Swatch 1: Taupe Leather Swatch 2: Zaragoza Olive Swatch 3: Espresson Leather Swatch 4: Natural Cotton Swatch 5; Wheat Chenille Swatch 6: Barley Cotton Swatch 7: Peat Chenille Swatch 8: Linen Cotton Pistachio

Best Colour Matches

Adding pastel colours against dark greys and browns creates a beautiful colour scheme within an interior. These personal colour schemes have been created for inspiration in relation to my projected interior design plan for 32 Cambridge street, being able to look at the colours whenever I can will bring to a conclusion as to which scheme will work best.


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