Materials: Zinc Tiles

Company: Rheinzink

Material: Zinc tiles


Rheinzink are an incredibly unique company whom solely work with zinc, making and installing zinc roofing; zinc tiles; zinc façade cladding; zinc panels. The company was founded by the Grillo and Stolberger Zinc companies along with Vereinigte Deutsche Metallwerke in 1966. I stumbled across Rheinzink after searching the internet to find an uncommon material which can also be used for exterior uses, and to also expand my knowledge on different materials which I have never really looked into before. Rheinzink are a world leading manufacturer of titanium zinc products and a global innovation driver in this particular industry sector. Rheinzink stay at the forefront of global industry leaders by continuously innovating, and coming up with effective solutions e.g. 45 years ago they began a bran new technology with the wide-strip casting and rolling mill, as opposed to the traditional pack rolling process. The Rheinzink products are a favourite to famous architects such as Zaha Hadid. Frank O. Gehry, and Daniel Libeskind.

Rheinzink Factory. United Kingdom, Frimley Surrey.


Rheinzink take their impact on the environment very seriously therefor meaning that all of their products are 100% recyclable, the company was certified an environmentally friendly building products 1999 by The Institut Bauen und Umwelt  (The institute of construction and environment). It is massively important for a manufacturer to be conscious of their environmental footprint and to consider the future of our world if they are to produce at such a high level; Clients most importantly would mainly only be concerned with manufacturers who are operating environmentally friendly.

Their UK based technical support team offers clients expert advice including online CAD specifications and Zinc samples which are very useful. Rheinzink are an outstandingly professional company made up of qualified architects, surveyors and Contractors, it is easy to see why Rheinzink remain ahead in their industry.

RHEINZINK products  blend seamlessly into the overall architectural style and are guaranteed to be the highlight of any building. – Rheinzink.

Recent Rheinzink Projects

Roof covering systems

Rheinzink zinc used as a roofing property


It isn’t too serious either, zinc tiles and products can be used for anything! They can be used on roofs, chimneys, canopies, dormers, or just for something different on the exterior of your home/business to increase the aesthetic value.

Here zinc tiles can be seen used for roofing, and also as a beautifully aesthetic centre element. The tiles are also used around the windows.


Caprivi Lounge, Osnabruck, Germany


Another beautiful design with the use of Rheinzink tiles used for the Caprivi Lounge and University in Osnabruck, designed by German architect Hilter am Teutoburger Wald.

A whole list of all RHEINZINK projects can be viewed here.

The company are very happy to send out free samples to bring awareness to what they do and how their products could be used in your design. I was able to email the company and order two different types of zinc tiles.


Left tile: A lighter coloured, protect blue grey zinc tile

Right tile: A darker coloured, Protect graphite grey tile

The company also offer a wider range of zinc samples e.g. coloured zinc, patina line zinc, and interior line zinc. Roof and façade samples can also be ordered.



Rheinzink header

Rheinzink Factory

Rheinzink roofing

Caprivi Lounge, Osnabruck,


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