Experimenting with different materials: Woods

Woods can serve many purposes within a building, being that the interior or the exterior. Different types, thickness, and colours of woods would be used depending on what the serving purpose of the building is and of course what the client wants. Through a distribution website called Wood2U i was able to order a couple of different varieties of wood flooring samples passed down by Tuscan Flooring. Tuscan flooring are a company whom concentrate solely on wooden flooring, specialising in many types and species of wood including oak flooring, solid wood flooring, engineered wood, tuscan vintage wood and tuscan grande floors. They sell a range of tones from dark to light, and a variety of finishes i.e. matte and polished lacquers, and contemporary and classic species.

One thing which also attracted me to the way in which the company operates is that the range carries a FCS certification  meaning that they operate ethically and also that the timber is harvested from responsibly managed forests, a certification like this would appeal to any client and designer. So lets have a look at the samples i have collected…

Material Type: Woods

Company: Tuscan Flooring

Purpose: Wooden Flooring


(Image.1) Tuscan Golden Oak Hand Distressed wood. This piece of wood (laminate) in 150mm thick making it highly durable and long lasting. This particular type of wood is made from mixed grade timbers carefully selected to ensure perfection and excellent specification. The wood is very easy to clean due to the lacquered finish, and the strength means that it can cope with the daily wear and tear of shoes etc. within the home. The wood is elegant and stylish, in my opinion, which means the floor can remain even when all surrounding interior decoration is changed. Great quality wooden flooring like this is a great idea when choosing the interior flooring of a building as it could form the basis of the design, it will also put both the clients and designers mind at ease knowing the floor does not have to be worried about.


(Image 2.) Rustic Oak Chocolate Stained & UV Oiled Wood. The rustic oak has a slightly rougher, unpolished finish to it giving it more grip and texture than the Golden oak. Likewise with all wood species collected by Tuscan Flooring the Rustic Oak is made from mixed grade timbers ensuring superior specification, meaning not only does the wood look good on the outside, but it is also full of goodness on the inside! This Oak is hard wearing with a 10 year warranty, making it perfect for the family home. A designer may choose to use this species of wood perhaps for the beautiful natural pattern, or for the added grip which it provides.


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