A new beginning: The Tapestry


So all of the design students are starting to get a bit excited about the big move to the refurbished and reconstructed Sheffield central post office in the new year, so we wanted to do something a bit special for the rebirth of the building… a tapestry!

Tapestry /’tapistri/ is a piece of thick textile fabric with pictures or designs formed by weaving coloured weft threads or by embroidering on canvas, used as a wall hanging or soft furnishing.

(Fig.1) A tapestry in contemporary art


However in this case our tapestry was formed with paper, we were each given a section of the post office to draw, using a range of techniques and mediums as we have learnt with Brian. This was an amazingly fun way to bring what we had learnt about shading, and the effects which different drawing tools have together into a big class project. Our tapestry could be approached in any way we liked, using any materials, colours etc. When every person in the class has produced their section of the tapestry this will join together to create a beautifully visual interior ornament to be displayed in our new design home!

(Fig.2) Central Post Office, Sheffield. The new projected design studio for 2016

(Captions can be seen by clicking on the images)

This is the beginning of the tapestry for the new post office, this will be a beautiful aesthetic for the interior of the new building, and also a great success and contribution from all interior design students involved in the process.

I will be adding the final image of the finished tapestry when it has been collected and completed, look forward!


1. New modern tapestries,18.11.15 http://www.worldwidetapestries.com/decor/new-modern-tapestries/

2. Central post office, sheffield, 18.11.15 https://yorkshirehub.co.uk/university-to-convert-old-post-office-into-sheffield-institute-of-arts/


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