What is Feedback?

Feedback is the process of giving ‘information about reactions to a product, a person’s performance of a task, etc. which is used as a basis for improvement.’ This small session was simply spent giving and recieving feedback between one another within a small group and also between ourselves and our tutors; being given formative feedback and criticism is a great way to learn and produce a higher level of work. In this case, in groups of four we judged one anothers’ interior design blogs, referring to the assessment grid to decide on a final grade for each persons work. This was of course all for learning purposes and to get used to having our work judged, therefor we were encouraged not to be too harsh.


We commented on the good aspects of one anothers’ work, as well as what needed developing, things such as the amount of blog posts done, ease of reading, quality of writing, and also the amount of photos on the blog were considered in order to give a judgement.

self assessment is a vital part pf effective learning as it ensures that we are improving in all work which we produce, without assessing our work we wouldn’t progress and our abilities would stay the same, which is something no designer wants.


One we had given each other in our groups feedback on their blogs, our tutors individually went through or blogs with us and gave us an estimated grade as to what level we were currently working at on the assessment grid (seen above). From this we were given a clear direction as to which areas to focus on and also which areas we were possibly focusing too much of our time on. The feedback session was incredibly helpful to me as it also gave us the opportunity to see what the other students were putting into their work, since the session i have been able to add much more work and i believe it will have a massive impact on my final grade. At the end of the ID space module, we will be given summative feedback, which will focus on the outcome of the project.


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