Shape and Geometry: Think, experiment, and test…

(Fig.1) Triangle

Through creating shape boards, we can translate a visual representation of how through exploring, thinking, experimenting and testing, we can make simple shapes appear interesting, and flatter them by using clever juxtaposition techniques. By getting an object, piece of inspiration etc. and displaying it in different situations and angles gives designers inspiration as to ‘outside of the box’ thinking, and further from this, new design concepts can be made which eventually make the creative design project.

(Fig.2) Frank Gehry’s Marques de riscal hotel.

The famous Marques De Riscal hotal, designed by Frank Gehry, is a great example of how designers can gain inspiration from small, everyday things. In this case, Gehry was influenced by the movement of wine.


I quote “The architect wanted to infuse his work with the signature colours of Marqués de Riscal: pink like the wine, gold like the mesh on the Riscal bottles, and silver like the bottle top.” –

(Fig.4) Gehry copied the chaos of a wine spillage by illustrating the form on a piece of paper, this formed the basis for his hotel design.


This theory session was spent exploring, thinking, experimenting, and testing the creative advances of simple shape and geometry through practical exercises. The task was to create our own A3 shape board to represent the triangle, and no a triangle isn’t just a triangle as we know it, it represents trinity, harmonious stability. We were to split the A3 board into 8 segments, in each we could display the triangle in many ways I.e. folding and origami, cutting, 2D and 3D structures and collaging. To enhance our approach to the task and to see the true success of creating a shape board we were told to incorporate repetition, be creative, understand that there is no right and wrong approach, and to also use different materials.

Inspiration can come from anything, no matter how ridiculous or silly it may be, certain sound patters can inspire us, an plastic bag floating through the air may inspire us. It is a good idea for a designer to always carry around a sketch book so we can jot down these everyday things which may, in time, come together to give us the greatest design concept of our lives.


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