Elevations and Celebrations

As we understand a section to be an illustration of a building although it has been sliced directly through the middle, an elevation is the view of this interior space or building from one side with no perspective, however, an elevation gives you the chance to see everything from other viewpoints. Elevations are a very useful part of the planning process as it gives a sense as to the internal wall layout and design and also shows what the building will look like externally.

*3 elevation photos*

An elevation will be produced once the floor plan has been established as it is only then that all elements of the interior will have been established i.e the floor, doorways, heights of internal fittings and furniture, equipment etc. Elevation indications make it easier to understand whereabouts on the floor plan the elevation has been taken from.

An example of an elevation plan, the bottom image shows the section of the floor plan where the elevation has been taken from. The top images show the north and east elevations of the front of a shop.
This image shows the North, East, South and West elevations of a float home in Victorias West bay Marine village.

However, as many buildings rarely tend to be a simple rectangular or square shape, it is often that an ‘extended elevation’ will  be constructed which allows for features which continue around two or more walls to be seen.

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