Self Directed Process: The Perfume Shop

So we began this piece of self directed work in our in interior design session with Rachel, we then took it home to finish and photograph. We were asked to produce a sketch model and a sketch visual using inspiration for either a watch shop or a perfume shop, of course being a girly girl i chose the perfume shop. I spent around 15 minutes just looking at inspiration for what forms and elements i.e. colour, texture, which would feature within my perfume shop, i focused on researching different flowers which tend to be used to make beautiful fragrances. I came across a the beautiful jasmine flower, small white flowers which bloom amidst big green bushes. I noticed that the jasmine bushes become so big that they begin to dangle, creating a beautiful contrast when placed among buildings, this is when i got the idea to focus on a sketch model acquiring all of the elements of the jasmine plant.

(Fig.1) Jasmine being featured an an indoor feature, gave me the inspiration for a flower featured wall within my perfume shop
(Fig.2) A more extravagant use of flowers, gave me inspiration to possibly create a doorway feature. However the inspiration i took from this was the actual depth of field and angle this photo was taken. I wanted to photograph my back wall through a doorway, this is what i would like my potential customer to see when walking through.
(Fig.3) This was the final photo which gave me inspiration for how i would actually display the jasmine on my sketch model. I will create this falling shape using different materials, mimicking the natural form of the jasmine plant.

The sketch-model: How i did it

I instantly knew exactly how i wanted to construct my sketch-model wall feature, i created the jasmine blooms using bits of pink and white screwed up paper patiently gluing every little piece to a white base until i eventually achieved the fullness and shape i wanted. My perfume wall embraced all of the important elements i wanted it to, i created texture with the use of rolled bits of paper, i achieved form by drawing a faint outline for my wall feature, and i incorporated pinks and whites within my piece just to give an elegant, easy on the eye feel to it. Using fish wire i dangled three bits of screwed up paper from the top of the sketch-model, just to add to the 3-D effect and suggest that this wall feature would pop out to the potential customer and be a real eye-catching piece of interior design.

Sketch Visuals

FullSizeRender (1)
(Fig.4) The long task of screwing up pieces of paper to form my jasmine bush wall feature.
(Fig.5) Infilling the gaps, adding fullness
(Fig.6) Neatening up the edges, creating a shape
(Fig.7) Here i try to make the viewer feel as if he/she is the customer walking into the perfume shop, looking straight ahead to the featured wall. I used pink jute roll to mimic a rug, this also leads the viewers eyes straight to the back wall.
(Fig.8) here I duplicated one image of my sketch-model and mirrored them opposite of each other. My aim here was to consider the idea of possibly having the feature continued onto the ceiling from the back wall, I think this would be very effective.
(Fig.9) A basic image of the finished sketch-model. Flipping the image to this angle just gives us a different perspective, possibly lay down on the floor looking up to the feature on the ceiling?
(Fig.10) The additional pieces of paper attached with fish wire. These elements translate that the feature is 3-D and elevated from the wall.
(Fig.11) This photo isn’t taken at the best of angles, but shows a perspective view from the doorway of the perfume shop. If this small piece of self-directed work was an extended project i would have had fun creating a stable doorway to match the jasmine feature wall. Inspiration (Fig.2)

The Schedule of Accommodation within my perfume shop

A schedule of accommodation in design/architecture is basically a brief of the interior layout of a space and how that space is intended to be used. Things to consider when writing up a schedule of accommodation are finishes, furnishing i.e. will there be sitting areas? where?, where will the till area be? Environmental conditions will also be considered i.e lighting conditions, temperature, air movements, acoustic isolation etc.

Firstly, the main colours to be featured within my shop will be glistening whites and nude pinks. There will be no isles within the shop, perfumes will be displayed in glass cabinets both on the left and right wall, four of the most exclusive perfumes will be displayed on tall individual glass stands vertically in the center of the shop, all with bright spotlights shining directly onto them. All of the walls will be plain white, with the wall feature just appearing on the back wall and also carried onto the ceiling. The flooring will be entirely made from pure white marble, as this will create a classy, clean feel when the white spotlights reflect off it. The till area will be a basic rectangular shape desk also made from white marble to keep an ongoing settling theme throughout the shop. On either side of the perfume displays in the center of the shop there will be two white velvet chaise lounges, giving customers a place to sit and relax during their visit. Hopefully you are getting an idea of what the layout of the shop would look like and the intentions of the mood? Considering environmental conditions, the lighting will be achieved through a number of white spotlights on the ceiling, spotlights above the perfume displays will be slightly brighter of course to grab the attention of customers. There will be a light aromatic jasmine fragrance breezing through the shop, the scent will have calming properties instantly making the customer feel relaxed. Finally, the room will be of a cool temperature with fans in either corner of the room, the intention of this is to create air movement which also relaxes everybody occupying the space. Here are a few inspirational images, just to understand the mood of my perfume shop idea.

The Mood

(Fig.12) Idea of a plain white room with lights coming from above. This simplicity is extremely effective
(Fig.13) The reflection of light off a white marble floor can be seen here, as intended for the perfume shop.
(Fig.14) White chaise lounge


(Fig.15) The fan idea. Lighting coming from the fan as well as the spotlights is also an effective interior feature.

For more inspiration and an idea of the features i intend for my perfume shop to have, take a look at Grand pacific. The interior decor here features some of the classy, simple elements which i wish to hold within my perfume shop idea. I hope this post has been quite inspirational to read!


(Fig.1) Indoor Jasmine,

(Fig.2) Jasmine flower doorway, 29.10.15,

(Fig.3) Form of the Jasmine plant, 29.10.15,

(Fig.12) Plain white room, 29.10.15,

(Fig.13) Marble floor, 29.10.15,

(Fig.14) Chaise Lounge, 29.10.15,

(Fig.15) Room with Fans, 29.10.15,


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