The workshop tour: Metals.

This was the second part to our healthy and safety workshop tours, however this time focusing on staying safe when using metals and machinery. All of the same safety precautions were used when working with metals as used when working with woods and plastics, but it was important that we understood how to use the equipment safely. Metal can be much more harmful and dangerous to work with than woods and plastics, as the debris from cutting metals can be very sharp and can get extremely hot so it is vital that the right equipment is used for the job, and goggles and correct footwear are used for the job.

Health and safety register with goggles and earphones
(Fig.1) Health and safety register with goggles and earphones


Goggles should always be using when using machinery, ear protectors are optional, however they are advised when working in noisy rooms

All hair must be tied up, and all loose clothing or jewellery must be well out of the way when using any machinery as there is a high risk that it could get caught in the machinery and pull you straight into the direction of the drill etc.

The equipment

The pillar drill, used to drill different sized holes through sheets of metal. Metal can be carefully held by hand whilst the drill is lowers onto it, or alternatively a clamp can be used to hold the sheet down, sometimes this is best to ensure the metal doesn’t move. Its is also very important to remember to use a hammer and nail to create an indentation as to where the hole is going to be drilled, otherwise the drill will move around the metal wondrously, scratching the surface.
A close up of the pillar drill. A safety protector covers the drill to ensure bits of metal do not escape. This also protects the drill in the rare case that it comes loose and un-attaches.
A Metal sanding machine, used to file away un-even edges and also create curves if necessary.
A metal buffing and polishing machine, used after the sanding machine to polish the edges of the metal and create a smooth finish which you can run your finger across.
full shot of the metals section of the work shop. All equipment and furniture in this space is also made from metals.

This health and safety tour wasn’t too full on and was the last of the tours, it was simply to get us used to how to use the equipment safely and to our best advantage, this way when we were put into the workshop to do projects we are able to get stuck right in.




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