Self directed work: Drawing with a range of materials

This piece of self directed work aimed to help us draw using a different range of materials, and to learn the different effects each different media gave us. We were told to create 6 different drawings, mixing styles and variety within each piece. The mediums i used were; Graphite pencils, Graphite pencil crayons, Biro pen, fine liquid ink, Karisma colour pencils, and a fine Sharpe pen, as these were the only materials i had to draw with at this time. This task was all about getting us comfortable with drawing with different mediums and also seeing the effect each one of them has within a drawing. The task wasn’t too strict and it was important that we had fun with it, and just seen it as seeing how we find free-hand drawing. The objects could be anything around us, i tried to gather objects which would require working from different angles and had very different shapes and forms. So anyway, here are my 6 drawings! I hope you enjoy.

(Fig.1) All of my objects sketched onto A3 using 6 different mediums
(Fig.2) My first object, my watch, rendered with a graphite pencil, these are amazing to create shading with. I really enjoyed drawing this object as it required quite a lot of observation as to how many links there were and how they sat underneath the watch.
IMG_8148 - Copy
(Fig.3) The second, drawn with a standard Biro pen, was slightly harder as mistakes couldn’t be erased, however drawing with a Biro does give a nice bold finish to the object.
(Fig.4) Liquid Ink. This is a very messy medium to draw with as it smudges very easily, the liquid ink fine liner is good for precision drawing so i thought it would be good to draw the small buttons with.
(Fig.5) A fine Sharpe Pen. This is similar to the liquid ink pen used previously, however it isn’t as messy. The fine tip means precision on the bar code was easy.
(Fig.6) ‘Graphitint’ coloured pencil crayons. This was more interested as i could now use a bit of colour. The Graphitint pencil crayons can be smudged and create shading very easily. I have added shadowing to show the perspective of the cup of coffee on the table.
(Fig.7) ‘Karisma’ Colour pencils, another medium which comes in a range of colours and can also be smudged. Here i have had the joy of using a lot of colours, and trying to create a snake skin pattern on the front of the shoe by blending a variety of colours. Again i have added shadowing by using a graphite pencil to add to the perspective.

To excel the work coming over the following weeks it would be an idea for me to collect a wider range of drawing materials i.e. Chalks, pastels. This way i will be able to experiment with the outcomes of different mediums and will ultimately have a wider knowledge of suitable mediums to use for certain drawings.


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