The Workshop Tour: working with Woods and Plastics.


This small session was spent entirely on just understanding procedures and rules in the workshop, and learning how to use each piece of equipment safely and effectively. Health and safety rules in the workshop include:

  • wearing the correct footwear i.e thick shoes which cover the top of your foot
  • No eating or drinking
  • No attending the workshop under the influence of anything i.e. alcohol
  • Safety goggles and ear plugs to be used when necessary
  • using each piece of equipment in the safest way

We were given a tour around the shop, where we are able to buy any tools and equipment we may need for our projects. Cash is not handled in the shop, therefor only card or SHU student cards are accepted for security reasons. It is important for us as design students to have a good relationship with the people whom work in the shop as we will most likely need their help throughout our studies, so respect within the workshop is very important.

The equipment

(Fig.1) Wood and plastic sanding machine, used for making curved corners or smoothing rough edges


(Fig.2) Another, smaller sanding machine
(Fig.3) Electric metal cutting saw, goggles must always be worn when working with this tool, as well as with all tools
(Fig.4) electrical Hand saw
IMG_7413 (1)
(Fig.6) Power transformer. This heavy duty tool  is a life saving, this transforms the voltage in the electrics making tools safe to use, ensure these boxes aren’t a danger hazard by storing them under tables.
(Fig.7) The wooden drill-saw
(Fig.8) Another style of the sander.



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