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What is Space?

I understand space to be “An area which can be manipulated depending on the wanted purpose of that area;” A space only then becomes a place when we feel safe in that area. A space can determine how we feel, as a designer, we would want to manage space to suit the place in which the client would like to achieve, if this can be understood?

Architect – Le Corbusier, “Space is the blank state”

  • Here the architect quite simply employs that a space is the very beginning of a creation. A space is to be occupied, and used at its best possible potential, in order to satisfy whatever is needed/wanted of that space.

“Places are spaces with meaning” – the Fundamentals of Architecture.

  • As explained earlier, a space will only become a place when the meaning is defined and understood. If we walk into a room and feel unsafe, or feel that the ‘space’ does not satisfy our expectations, can it be defined as a place? It may be in this situation where we realised a space has not been used to it’s full potential, and perhaps interior planning has failed.
'Architect Le corbusier in his early stages of planning'
(Norteisur, 2009) Architect Le Corbusier in his early stages of planning


'Millowners association building - Le Corbusier'
Millowners association building – Le Corbusier (tucker, 2007)


‘A space must stimulate a person before it becomes a place’

The are many different areas of ‘space’ we can consider, is it a private space? public space? or interior space? This is a factor to consider which would help a designer to manipulate it into a ‘place.’ We should also consider if the space is; rough or smooth; warm or cold; above or below; inside, outside or in-between.



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